It's getting serious...

It is a well-known fact that vegans are pretty much superheros or at least they are superhero-ish... but (and there is a but)
There is no way that we could have even started to dream about this happening without the awesome community that we are surrounded by. We's love to extend a HUGE thank you to our amazing supporters:  

We could not be bringing you the hunt without the support and help of these awesome people/places/projects!

Panacea is Toronto's ONLY all vegan grocery store! We are so happy to have them partnered with us for the start of the hunt!

The hunt is ending at the now infamous HOT BEANS VEGAN in Kensngton Market. Get yer bean on with a burrito or taco and feel totally okay asking for things like sour cream... the future is now!

We are also happy to announce our new and totally awesome MEDIA SPONSOR!

Yelp is proud to be a sponsor of the Toronto Vegan Scavenger Hunt. With an ever-growring community of foodies that includes vegetarians and vegans, Yelp is a great place to find out what locals think about their favourite (and not so favourite) vegan and vegetarian hotspots. Do you have an opinion on where to find the best places to eat in the city? Share it on Yelp!

PRIZES! (oh did we forget to mention those?)
Our prize packs are starting to come togeher! We would love to thank the following supporters for their generous donations of things for the winning teams to take home with them!

Decipher Film + Photo -
Jo-Anne McArthur and We Animals -
Matt Gauck Professional Drawist -
Apiecalypse Now! Vegan Bakery -
The Vegan Police! -


See you on raceday!