The hunt is on...

It's open season vegans! (How often do we hear that?)
It is time for the first (hopefully) annual Toronto Vegan Scavenger Hunt! What is a vegan scavenger hunt? Excellent question. We had a lot of fun trying to figure out what it was too... Basically, it is a one day summer free-for-all where we turn ourselves loose on this fair city in order to prove who knows our community, our city and our lifestyle the very best! Not just glory at stake either, but a pretty badass trophy, as well as various vegan friendly prizes for the top finishing teams!  

Intriqued? Interested? A little bit aroused? We thought that might happen... For more information on the day, as well as why we are doing this, and ways you can take part, please click through the links above! There is also a twitter and a facebook page where you can get a lot of the same info, but in a different way (because we know that's how information rolls in 2011.) And lastly, THANK YOU for checking this site out! Looking forward to seeing you on race day.

xo xo
-- The Vegan Scavengers