What the heck is a "vegan scavenger hunt?"

Oh nothing--Just the coolest thing EVER!
The Toronto Vegan Scavenger Hunt came to be during that weekend in March when Toronto got like a foot of snow (right after that double digit temperature fake-spring.) Like most great affairs, it was only after a truly crushing heartbreak that we could be our most creative, look our very best, be motivated to move away from the Daiya cheese pizza and get outside the box. This idea was the rebound to end all rebounds... A super cool summer event, for an even cooler cause.  

Consisting of a single day of glorious hunting, on foot, TTC, or preferably by bicycle, the Toronto Vegan Scavenger Hunt will be a critical mass of vegans and vegan well-wishers, hipsters (and post-hipsters), students, cyclists etc., setting forth to prove who knows our city, and where to find the treasures burried within it, best of all. Clues will be anything from items to be found, pictures to be taken, locations to be located, and dumpsters to be dived.


What you will need/should bring:

- All your team members
- A mode of transportation (longboard, bike, your feet, etc.)
- Something that can take photos (Camera Phone, digital camera, polaroid... etc)
- A backpack or bag for carrying hunt items
- Some cash to fuel up on vegan goodies while you hunt
- A copy of your team registration form filled out (downloadable here)
- Your registration fee if you have not paid already or recipt of payment if you have it
- A winning attitude. Eye of the tiger. Be the hunt.
- Boudless excitement
- Dogs, friends, family! Make a day of it!

We are also encouraging GROUP COSTUMES! For additional funtimes. (Because the fun don't stop at the Vegan Scavenger Hunt!)

Breakdown of the Daiya:

11:00AM- 11:50AM -- Those of you who are doing day-of sign-ups, or paying your team registraton can show up at Panacea and do so! We will be there bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to answer your questions if you have them and generally getting super pumped about the day!

11:50-12:00 -- Distribution of the hunt lists and lots of slow motion high fives, running around getting pumped up, and probably some smack talk between teams.

12:01PM-5:59PM THE HUNT IS ON! Burst onto the streets of Toronto in search of the items on the list! Gather as much as you can! The list will be comprised of photo challenges, some riddles, some straight up "go get this" kind of stuff, trying to determine where things are located in the city based on clues, and each item will be worth a sliding scale of points... so A STRATEGY WILL BE NECESSARY! Are you going to try to get all the hardest, highest point items? or win by a volume of low point items? Stick to one area of the city or try to get all over the place? In order to keep things fair the strategic approach means that speed/agility aren't the only determining factors for the race! You might benefit from a calculated "slow and steady" on foot wander around... it's anyones game.

6:00PM -- Cut off. Everyone must have their whole team, and their hunt pack to HOT BEANS by 6 or you don't qualify. Keep this in mind when you plan your stragegy. 6:01 is too late. We'll announce a watch syncronization at 11:55, so everone can know what time we have.
After that we'll be scoring the haul! Hang around the market, grab some eats, and wander over to Bellevue Square Park by...

7:00PM -- We annouce the winners, distribute the prizes, jump into the air like the end of The Breakfast Club. :) SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!